The Starter Barn

The young calf requires close attention and comfort. For this reason, Provitello is the first North American farm to dedicate a unique facility devoted to calf welfare. Our starter barn will always be an evolution.

Provitello is committed to the integration of SCIENCE and ART.

Provitello continually blends the best of academia with our own experience. Casting caring eyes upon our calves allow us to meet the need of the individual, whilst addressing the needs of the group.

The calves are started in a natural ventilation barn, in a group setting, with straw bedding They remain in this barn until 4 -5 weeks of age. At this point they are moved to the on-site finisher barn. Both the starter and finisher barn are group (loose) housing.
Through our close collaboration with the German manufacturer Förster-Technik, we have successfully implemented automatic calf feeders. This method of feeding calves allows for 24 hour access to feed, that is controlled, ad-lib.

Each calf has a radio frequency ear tag that is linked to the machine. Specific requirements are entered into the computer on an individual basis. Moreover, the calf tags are one of the components in our traceability program.

As herd animals, young calves require contact and protection. Our starter barn

allows calves to move around freely and exhibit their natural behaviors, yet affords these calves protection from the elements and minimizes their stress due to external factors.