Manager of Elba veal operation attends national orientation

Manager of Elba veal operation attends national orientation

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 9:36 AM EDT

ELBA — Jurian Bartelse, manager of Provitello Farms, a veal-making operation in Elba, recently attended a leadership orientation sponsored by the Federation of State Beef Councils.

The FSBC is a division of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) in Centennial, Colo. Bartelse is a veal representative on the New York Beef Industry Council,

Bartelse joined 23 other beef industry leaders from around the nation for updates on global and domestic beef demand, market conditions and beef checkoff programs, which are funded by cattle producers and importers, and support beef/veal research, education and promotion efforts.

The orientation also covered responsibilities for volunteer leaders who serve on state beef council boards, as well as a history of the beef industry and the checkoff.

At the national level, Bartelse represents New York as a director and veal representative on the Federation of State Beef Councils, an alliance of the 45 councils that collect the $1 beef checkoff.

Provitello Farms is a pioneering company in raising veal calves in group housing.

Its parent company, The Grober Group, which is owned by the Bartelse family, is noted for its research and development in veal-raising technologies and has been refining the group-housing approach since 1981.

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