Jurian speaks on Beef Checkoff regarding Veal

Jurian speaks on Beef Checkoff regarding Veal

Jurian Bartelse understands the important role that his beef checkoff investment plays in highlighting the benefits of veal for today’s consumer. Jurian and his family are second-generation veal producers who operate a state-of-the-art, completely integrated production system in upstate New York.

“The beef checkoff promotes veal through recipe contests, cooking demonstrations and farm tours — all directed to sell more veal,” says Jurian. “A great example of these efforts is our new Columbus Day veal promotion, which targets consumers, retailers and foodservice operators with specific recipes and contests.”

“It’s important that our industry has a unified voice when we discuss veal,” he continues. “Our message to consumers is veal is a lean, nutritious, economical protein that we raise on our farms under the best possible conditions.”

Listen to Jurian talking about the Beef Check off Progam

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