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Provitello farms are committed to husbandry research and calf development for responsibly raising dairy bull calves in North America.

The dairy bull calf is a unique animal. In order for the dairy industry to thrive, a cow must give birth to produce milk. A bull calf is born 50% of the time. Typically, animals are not bred specifically for the veal industry.

Provitello farms adds value to dairy resources including the bull calf. Veal production is a necessary and complimentary part of the dairy industry.

Provitello & Delft Blue have been pioneers in group housing. The initiative behind our long history in evolved housing was not novelty driven, but pursued from the realization that animal welfare impacts growing conditions.


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The young calf requires close attention and comfort. For this reason,

Provitello is the first North American farm to dedicate a unique facility devoted to calf welfare.

Our starter barn will always be an evolution.

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Veal 101

Ever wonder what veal is or where it comes from? This was video was commissioned by Jurian Bartlese and produced to help explain modern veal... read more

Jurian speaks on Beef Checkoff regarding Veal

Jurian Bartelse understands the important role that his beef checkoff investment plays in highlighting the benefits of veal for today’s consumer. Jurian and his family are second-generation veal producers who operate a state-of-the-art, completely integrated production system in upstate New York. “The beef checkoff promotes veal through recipe contests, cooking demonstrations and farm tours — all directed to sell more veal,” says Jurian. “A great example of these efforts is our new Columbus Day veal promotion, which targets consumers, retailers and foodservice operators with specific recipes and contests.” “It’s important that our industry has a unified voice when we discuss veal,” he continues. “Our message to consumers is veal is a lean, nutritious, economical protein that we raise on our farms under the best possible conditions.” Listen to Jurian talking about the Beef Check off... read more

Manager of Elba veal operation attends national orientation

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 9:36 AM EDT ELBA — Jurian Bartelse, manager of Provitello Farms, a veal-making operation in Elba, recently attended a leadership orientation sponsored by the Federation of State Beef Councils. The FSBC is a division of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) in Centennial, Colo. Bartelse is a veal representative on the New York Beef Industry Council, Bartelse joined 23 other beef industry leaders from around the nation for updates on global and domestic beef demand, market conditions and beef checkoff programs, which are funded by cattle producers and importers, and support beef/veal research, education and promotion efforts. The orientation also covered responsibilities for volunteer leaders who serve on state beef council boards, as well as a history of the beef industry and the checkoff. At the national level, Bartelse represents New York as a director and veal representative on the Federation of State Beef Councils, an alliance of the 45 councils that collect the $1 beef checkoff. Provitello Farms is a pioneering company in raising veal calves in group housing. Its parent company, The Grober Group, which is owned by the Bartelse family, is noted for its research and development in veal-raising technologies and has been refining the group-housing approach since 1981. Published by the Daily News... read more

Decision Makers Ag Tour: Farms embrace new talent, technology

By Tom Rivers  published in Daily News ELBA — About 70 “decision makers” were introduced to a new crop of farmers, a group that brings technology and a passion to the agriculture businesses. Torrey Farms, Lamb Farms, CY Farms and Provitello, a veal-raising operation in Elba, showed community leaders on Tuesday how the businesses are incorporating a new generation of farmers. Torrey Farms is in its 12th generation and 206th year of farming. Torrey has grown to about 10,000 acres. The farm has 200 year-round employees and peaks at 360 workers during the harvest season. The farm has drastically expanded in the past three decades. In 1978, Torrey was farming 700 acres. Siblings Mark Torrey, John Torrey and Maureen Marshall created a farm that is vertically integrated, with Torrey growing, packing, marketing and trucking the produce. Beginning seven years ago, a new Torrey generation started full-time at the farm. Now five of Mark’s children — Molly, Travis, Shannon, Jed and Jordyn — are working at the farm and two more are at Cornell University. The children have to work their way up from the bottom, Marshall said. They aren’t just handed managerial roles. They have been taught to respect every position on the farm, to honor their commitments and to grow quality products, Travis said during the 20th annual agriculture tour coordinated by the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce. The farm measures worker output and hours with a computerized system. Workers have chips in their hats and crew leaders use a probe to register each basket of cucumbers and other produce. Two Torrey locations, in Lyndonville and Potter,... read more

Provitello in the News

Entering Their 3rd Year of Successful Group Housing: Western New York Farm Raising Group Housed Automated Fed Veal by Colleen Rudolph ~ Intern at Provitello published in The Producer’s Connection Jan 2008 With the inevitable phasing out of individual stalls and tethers, the quest for new and innovative husbandry methods has swung into full gear. The industry changes are a direct result of a more involved and vocal consumer. As a result, producers are assessing their needs and options to convert to group housing. This unique facility has taken on the role as the only milk-fed veal producer in the United States to use automated feeding technology. With the vast technology available today, our industry has the opportunity to embrace this know-how and incorporate it into our production systems. Although very common in Europe—and to a lesser extent Canada—this technology has been long overdue in the United States. In 2005, a new facility was constructed in Western New York with innovation in mind. This group housing operation has been utilizing the latest technology in the production of top quality veal calves. An Alternative for the Future: One Company’s Quest for the Perfect System Known as Provitello, L.L.C., this division of Grober Nutrition—a leading manufacturer of milk replacer and veal feeds—has been demonstrating exactly that for the past three years. Using Förster Technik® Stand-Alone feeders, Provitello is able to deliver multiple feedings per day to its large herd of 1,000 calves, without any increased labor input. This unique facility has taken on the role as the only milk-fed veal producer in the U.S. to use automated feeding technology. Automated feeding... read more