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Provitello farms are committed to husbandry research and calf development for responsibly raising dairy bull calves in North America.

The dairy bull calf is a unique animal. In order for the dairy industry to thrive, a cow must give birth to produce milk. A bull calf is born 50% of the time. Typically, animals are not bred specifically for the veal industry.

Provitello farms adds value to dairy resources including the bull calf. Veal production is a necessary and complimentary part of the dairy industry.

Provitello & Delft Blue have been pioneers in group housing. The initiative behind our long history in evolved housing was not novelty driven, but pursued from the realization that animal welfare impacts growing conditions.


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The young calf requires close attention and comfort. For this reason,

Provitello is the first North American farm to dedicate a unique facility devoted to calf welfare.

Our starter barn will always be an evolution.

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